Our Areas of Expertise

Portfolio Construction

Does your portfolio appropriately compensate you for its level of risk? Would you know how to measure if it did? A poorly constructed portfolio will cost you money and, worse, cause far more stress and anxiety than an efficient portfolio with the same expected return. Employ Komich Capital Advisors (KCA) to ensure your portfolio maximizes its expected return according to your unique level of risk.

Tax Optimization

Don’t pay the IRS more than you should. Managing money without considering income taxes, capital gains tax, and IRS penalties can cost you thousands of dollars and eat up years of returns. Chances are, you’re missing opportunities to maximize your tax savings. We can help you minimize your tax liability and keep more of your hard-earned money.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Do you care about the environmental and social issues facing society and the world today? Do you take the time to sort your recyclables and shut off the water when you’re brushing your teeth? Make sure your investments care as much as you do. Let’s talk about how we can put your money to work for you AND the environment and your community.

Alternative Investments

The menu of potential investments out there beyond stocks and bonds is endless—Fixed-income alternative funds, cryptocurrencies, commodities like metals and livestock futures, litigation finance, real estate, and REITs—Only to name a few. Like any investment, they carry unique and often obscure risks. Hire an advisor like KCA with professional risk management experience to evaluate and identify these risks before investing.

Meet the Founder

Johnathan A. Komich, CFA

Johnathan A. Komich, CFA

About Johnathan

Johnathan is originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. He’s an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University, where he studied Economics, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Management, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. After university, Johnathan gained valuable industry knowledge and experience through internships with LineData Services and Pioneer Investments and a ten-year career with Eaton Vance. Since January 2021, he’s been pursuing his lifelong dream of running his own firm. When he’s not problem-solving for clients, he spends time with his family and exploring his new home, Long Island.

Why Should You Work with Johnathan?


While many financial advisors take years or fail to pass all three CFA exams, Johnathan passed them in the minimum possible time of 18 months.


He’s successfully guided other financial advisors on how to manage their clients’ money.


Personal finance is a complex system ripe for optimization. Johnathan takes great pride and satisfaction in helping people solve this challenging mathematical puzzle!

Our Story

Komich Capital Advisors helps families, businesses, and individuals grow and preserve wealth through custom investment strategies. We offer investment management, financial planning, tax strategizing, benefits analysis, and a host of other services to clients who appreciate unique, personalized attention. Komich Capital looks to work with individuals who have reached a stage in their career where income has exceeded the expense of a comfortable lifestyle and who need help investing their excess capital in the most efficient ways possible. To plan for your future, we must first learn about your past. When did you first learn the value of a dollar? What do you view as the purpose of your wealth? Examining your relationship with money is as important as knowing how much money you have. While many advisors will focus solely on your money, Komich Capital focuses on what matters most, YOU! We invite you to experience the difference.

Learn How We Help You Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Ready to take the first step in your journey to your financial destination? We’re here to help guide you along the way.

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