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A financial advisor guides a client through investment strategies.

Investment Management

Make sure your money works as hard as you do. After evaluating both your ability AND willingness to take risks, Komich Capital Advisors will construct a portfolio that’ll maximize the benefits of your savings to your family, community, and future quality of life.

A canoe navigates uncharted waters.

Financial Planning

We’ll lay out a step-by-step roadmap to get you from here to your financial destination: retirement, financial independence, paying for your child’s education, or wherever else your dreams may take you.

A happy family spends time together.

Benefits Analysis

Should I participate in the employee stock purchase plan? Which health insurance plan should I choose? Spend time focusing on your life and job while we go through your benefits guide with a fine-tooth comb.

We’ll help you maximize the value of your company’s benefits package by carefully examining all of your options, including:

  • Opt-in Benefits
  • Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Stock Options
  • Health and Life Insurance Options
  • Disability and Long-term Care
  • Legal Services
  • Tax-free Commuter Benefits
  • Additional Perks

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