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Helping CPAs and Enrolled Agents Create New Revenue Streams and Build Stronger Client Relationships

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CPAs and Enrolled Agents, Do You Feel Stuck Trying To Add Financial Planning and Investment Management Services to Your Practice?

You’re ready to expand your CPA or Enrolled Agent practice by offering financial planning services. There’s just one problem. You’re not prepared to handle everything in-house. In that case, your best bet is to partner with a wealth management firm like KCA to provide these essential services.

You’re excited to form the right partnership, but the path ahead is unclear. What would a successful partnership look like, and what would it entail? As you’re looking ahead, you’re likely asking yourself these questions:

Expanding Services
Should I start offering advanced financial planning and investment management services?

Client Relationship Enhancement
Will offering enhanced services help me keep more clients and attract new business?

Tax Planning Collaboration
Do I expect clients to execute my advice on their own? Or can I partner with an RIA to help ensure better outcomes?

CPA or Enrolled Agent Practice Future-Proofing
Have I secured my CPA or Enrolled Agent practice’s success with solid growth and succession strategies yet?

It’s Time To Take Your CPA or Enrolled Agent Practice to the Next Level

At Komich Capital, we offer strategic, collaborative partnerships that empower CPAs and Enrolled Agents to expand their offerings, create new revenue streams, and maximize client value. By pairing your established services with our expertise, we offer a path to growth and profitability that traditional consultancy models can’t match. Here’s what a partnership with us would like:

Revenue Sharing Model
Our innovative partnership model includes revenue-sharing. That means that our success is also your success.

Client Service Excellence
Enhance your client relationships with our collaborative approach. We’ll provide your clients with comprehensive investment and planning solutions all while promoting you as the tax expert.

Sophisticated Investment Solutions
Use our tax-efficient planning and investing expertise to your advantage. Then, deliver unparalleled value to your clients.

Strategic Planning for the Future
Together, we’ll craft plans that protect and enhance the value of your CPA or Enrolled Agent practice.

Meet Johnathan

Johnathan A. Komich, CFA

Johnathan A. Komich, CFA
President, Komich Capital Advisors

At Komich Capital, we specialize in helping CPAs and Enrolled Agents create new revenue streams and build stronger client relationships. By combining our strengths, we can elevate your CPA or Enrolled Agent practice and take your client experience to the next level.

We also believe in the power of partnership to unlock unprecedented growth and profitability for your CPA or Enrolled Agent practice. We created our partnership model for CPAs and Enrolled Agents seeking a collaborative relationship that drives mutual financial success.

Ready to make financial planning and investment management services the newest addition to your practice? Book a consult call to find out what we can do for you. We’re here to help you elevate your practice and maximize client value.

Ready to take action? Let’s talk today.

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